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The Magnettes have been praised by sites and tastemakers like Earmilk, Perez Hilton, The 405, Elle Sweden and Russian.

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A skinny guy with a buzz cut made eye contact and gave me a frantic, bobbing thumbs-up. I gave him one back. “Up, up!” he.

Ice Cube Accused Of Tweeting Anti-Semitic Memes And Russian Propaganda – "Fuck Tha Police" has once again become an urgent rallying cry over the past couple of weeks. Streams of N.W.A.’s 1988.

One of the most influential Russian English-language outlets is SouthFront. EUvsDisinfo has described how the outlet can be.

The lives of women from history, from Catherine the Great to Shirley Jackson, are being brought to the screen with a radical.

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Time for your weekly edition of Drew Magary’s Funbag. Today, we’re talking about band names, chicken, military time, diarrhea.

However, whether he realizes it or not, Cube has also unfortunately shared some memes that are understood to be anti-Semitic,