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I’m a first-generation kid, too. I’ve had to grapple with my two identities as an Indian and an American in plenty of ways.

Professor Nick Allen (1939-2020) was a scholar of anthropology and Indo-European (IE) studies who taught from 1976 until his.

Widows across the globe share two common experiences: a loss of social status and reduced financial stability. In both the developed and developing countries, widows suffer a dramatic and subtle.

Suddenly the category of ‘migrant worker’ has hit the headlines and prime time news slots. They are competing closely with.

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Don’t Lecture India; Look at Your Own Record – Europeans have a horrifying record regarding human rights violations. Germany is well known for an unprecedented, systematic.

Ranvir Singh, 26, faced a plea hearing at Melbourne’s County Court plea on Thursday after a jury found him guilty of two.

Open your ears and your mind with these audiobooks – From climate change and queer issues to racism and human trafficking, here’s a list of audiobooks on Storytel to widen your.